Friday, June 9, 2017

Never too Far away from you

Sometimes you need to be right next to the butterfly
to hear its wings beat, to inhale the flower's fragrance
with the butterfly, to smile with the butterfly
And even if you are a rock, you will know this proximal fragrance

And sometimes you need to move sufficiently far away
from the dragonflies to see the beautiful path they trace
And even if you are myopic, you can't miss the sunny haze on their wings
And even if you are deaf, the buzz of their wings,
will snap you out of any reverie...
Jolt you out of regrets, pinch you back to reality

Today dearest butterfly, I got to smell the flower of patience with you
Today dearest butterfly, I got to smile at life through your many eyes
Today dearest Dragonfly, I got to snap out of anger
Got to understand judgementalism, and its futility.

Today dear universe, I am simply happy.
I can see you in the vicinity of the flower
And from through the silver haze of the wings,
In the skies and in the water droplet on leaves.
Because whether I am too close or too far,
        I am never too far from your loving embrace.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Hello Universe, I know you are listening !


This distasteful sadism I have come to hate

Your ways of blinding me to the truth


That amidst those wailing thoughts,

In those lonely torments,

When ones emotions are all but distraught

When the volcano's is painfully dormant


When one screams wondering who listens

Yearning for a shoulder to lean

When the cheek dolloped with tears glistens

The moonlight bouncing of its wet sheen


One always regrets that one is alone,

Assumes that his solitude is cruel

Flounders about from chance to grace

One's hope proving to be the only fuel


Its only After I crossed the debacle

That I realize in awe

The moments of truth are all of miracle

That You've held me tight, I never saw


You heeded my cries with no delays

Oh Universe I thought you were heartless

Brimming with apathy, Devoid of care,

A rarity that was sought less


But now I see,  how Only you could've come

Burgeoning my hope, I rose from the drains

Nay, How you helped me rise ..

Though I seem to forget this when it rains.


Unbelievable it remains how you listened …

And won't let me know you cared.

If not for you, I’d remain imprisoned,

And still think your hearing Is impaired.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Special Thoughts for Special People
Well, this is an old one. Pretty old one. These thoughts have been burgeoning in the embers of the heart for eons, it seems now. There were small spurs, and there were gushing waves. But the love and the energy contained in them is just as potent. The exposition I came to understand depends a lot on what is going on in the mind at that time. This is an old one. Pretty old one. There has been small successes and big failures. There have been embarrassing exposes. There have been smothering moments of closeness. Some of anger, some of attention, some even of negligence. But they have all been witnesses to the same love and energy that binds us over miles and miles. So i wanted to test this theory, to see if these lines, that come long after the actual event, sailing through snaps and jibes, and still maintaining their closeness in spite; are still the same special lines for the most special people there are!
The glow of mercury in the capillary
 'Tis Neither prime nor ancillary...
'Tis no sign, no indication
 till it rises to the occasion.

In summers, like the waters in the sand,
 Smelt with the silicon, but none on hand,
Cooked with the sizzling vapors in the sun
 The sand remains watching sadly
the only hint of tranquility cleft badly
 to pursue priorities now different, now risen.

Sand burns and dries,
 weeps and cries,
The winds of time will blow it away
 Will take it to new lands
And will hold it in sway
 Till tasks culminate, till the gale blows through
Pollen on abandoned gardens in May.
 Thirsty for the moistness
that once held its life together!

The water however hasn't gone anywhere.
 Lured to its chores , by time's demand
Away from the care, Away from its pair
 It gazes at the grain of sand
From whence it remains...
 From the gush of the rivulet
From the dew on the plains
 From sparkle on the amulet
From the whims on the clouds.

I see today, that the energy that binds
 the pollen to the drop
is the same that blew the pollen atop
 gardens, vales and grinds
Tis the same that warmed the drop
 to wet the flowers
Tis the same that brought it to the clouds
 and drench the lovers

The energy remains and so does the love
 So do the drops and so do the pollen
they just move from land to clove
 their hearts full, and eyes swollen

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The World Through Her Eyes

Foreword: My little girl's first lines....She thrusted the Sheet of paper onto my lap, standing on tiptoe.. with small chubby fingers.. nervous eyes "I wrote something dady... can you take-off the milk-shaakes?" Her eyes always become big and flutter twice as she tries to pronounce a new word.. mostly incorrectly.. But those eyes!!! Ahhh!
"Mistakes dear!" said I and started reading running my hand indulgently through her soft tresses. She kept raising her nose to my palm as i brushed her head... It is not important what she wrote.. but in those few lines, I saw the entire her innocent creativity...My little Krishna!!!!

These are lovely lines, bespeak poetic innocence..
..true experience.. need neither proof nor sense :)

They are original.. and emanate from a precious little chat
with the Maker himself.. Each line so lovely and pure; in fact

Sitting at my banal vocation; I stare in to space.
Wondering what was that lovely scene...
what her thoughts were, which are now efface
how dreamy those eyes; glance all things pristine.

Change not these lines! I say..
for they have just touched God's feet..
I endeavor to vicariously touch those pearl clouds
The blue waters and winding hills

Painted in pink and blue..
All I have is a small glass window;
these eyes of my darling little one
Her eloquent whisper..the soft gush of the wind outside..

To see all that is beauty, through her gorgeous eyes!

Monday, March 26, 2012

I have Arrived - signed GOD!

The power of communication (says the lalitha sahasranama)
needs no listner, no speaker...
Like mother nature...
she soothes the eyes of her eager onlookers..
without uttering a single word..
She just smiles reassuringly- a spark of green
The bark is barren, stonily silent...
She loves you though..the infant she that she is.
and stretches out a small green finger..
innocent love; and sore eyes light up
glistening with the tears of reciprocation

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Baton and a Pair of Eyes...

This, is To him who seeks my baton,

Dear runner,
You know not the roads I have tread..
the Pits I have fallen in..
The hands and hearts
that have weaned me back on the path...
to this apparently tumultuous journey
without writ or order.

Yet I shall continue my journey..
as you pick up the baton
from whence i leave it...
The fabric of fate!

The threads abound in all directions...
I know not from whence the fabric begins
...nor ends...and then again..does it matter?

for woven through and through
the string knotting around each other...
melodious memories and myriad melancholies;

The fleeting fabric changes its shape..
sometimes in luscious mounds
and sometimes in lackadaisical vales.
sometimes tenaciously firm and creased
and someitimes lithe and supple.

and Yet, the knots they are constant...
regular, unchanging.. sometimes cruelly systematic.
yes, the fabric will be here.. and i will see you again!

..but will i know, it is you?
will the smiles still remind me
..of the same mounds and vales?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Long tailed Black Monkey

Narrator: so there was a king who was balding
Listening child: ahan
Narrator: and was loosing his locks fast
Listening child: ahan
Narrator: Stop that ! um.. where was i... yeah ..
and was terrified about the prospect of waking up one day and finding it like the gol gumbaz
Listening child: heh heh
Narrator: so he calls all the medics in the kingdom and says.. find me a cure to this balding.. if u succeed half the kingdom and my daughter's hand in marriage.. otherwise, some thing less dangeous.. like having ur head chopped off
all the medics are terrified.. but they try anyways since they have no choice
and soon month on month, the overal medic population in the kingdom plummets conspicuously
Listening child: ohmygawd chopped off?
no wonder the docs ran away
Narrator: yes..
and no
some of them ran
and others were captured in the borders and chopped off there and then
Listening child: eeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy
that's bad
Narrator: yeeesss..
and mulla was a very clever man in the kingdom who couldnt stand the bloodbath

Narrator: so he decided to teach the king a lesson
Listening child: mulla is?
Narrator: Mulla nasseeruddin
Listening child: okay
Narrator: Sheesh poori.. u have the GK of an earthworm
Listening child: earthworm
Narrator: so he powders rock salt and taints it with eosin [ some thing red in color. use to remove hair in the olden ages]
Listening child: oh crap.. so the hair is gone
maan that mulla must be really brave
Narrator: and takes it to the king and says u have to apply the
ointment twice everyday
and the hair will grow in flowing tresses in one month
but u have to apply 2 times every day
and there is just one condition..
u should not think of the black faced long tailed monkey when u are applying
the king says.. "why woul i think of the abomination of the fellow!.. gimme that.. and u will be under probabation for a month
so Mulla relaxes in the royal palace.. doing gujaals with the court ladies.. and finally 3 days before the due date the king roars from his chambers..
Listening child: black faced long tailed monkey
Narrator: he had woken up that morning and his head was indeed looking like the gol gumbaaazz.. the king calls back Mulla and asks him to explain the meaning of "this" pointing to an exceptionally shiny perecranium
Mulla had to fight down a fiery need to laugh..

Narrator: so he mentally closed his eyes.. as if delving in the depths of dhivya dhrishti...
and opened his eyes.. and asked the king.. did u think of the monkey..
and so it had turned out that every morning, and night, the king would remind himself not to think of the black faced long tailed monkey
Listening child: mmmm and then?

Narrator: and so.. the story goes on to end in favor of Mulla.. he sorts of escapes the meager danger of the guillotine and passes on higher hazards of harmonious to say
Listening child: oh man
how did that happen
just to let him live was a big thing
Narrator: and ambles away dreamily with half the kingdom leaving behind a round faced raja with a long face..
the learning.. which is more important
is that, the more we ordain our minds to abstain from doing some thing.. the more it interests itself in indulging in the very same thing...
Listening Child: zzzzzzzzzz
Narrator: darn! she always does that to me in the end.. when i am telling the moral!
"nighty night sweetheart!